Call me cym, pronounced as sim
18↑ - she/her - pisces (03.01)
infp - 9w2 - chaotic good
socal - en/中文 ok
an irl otome game shujinko
G-Greetings! I love crying over pretty boys and bad gacha scouts. Wow what an introduction... Okay, okay I play otome games and am a hopeless romantic. A girl who loves being swept off her feet.
Such a flirt ♡

Honestly I’m pretty average with no particular interests but I'll make you fall for my charms somehow! Extremely talkative, ask anyone and they'll say cym won't can't shut up.
No matter what, I'll always be by your side cheering you on!

playing: elsword, ragnarok online II, fire emblem heroes, granblue fantasy, otogi secret spirit agents, world cross saga, akashic records
reading: qishi huanxiang ye, chuan yue xi yuan 3000 hou, vampire sphere
watching: hand shakers, kono subarashii sekai ni shukufuku wo, masamune-kun no revenge

Find a reason to sing
I want to see you,
You who have taught me to sing,
Find a reason to sing
Let's sing together
- connecting
Like always, the usual criteria and my extras. Please consider how others feel~ Don't enforce your views on others and give credit where it's due. If you can keep to that then we're perfect! . Haha simple right♪
Always online. Incredibly fave & rt heavy. What you can expect is me being overly affectionate with my friends. Lots of capslock, swearing, and keyboard mashing. Sorry if my text style is bothering ^^;
Thanks for your time to read this cutie! Let's make sure to talk lots and lots okay? You mean a lot to me really.
Oh and I'd love to play games together sometime.